Labradorite in a Hand Sculpted Polymer Clay Pendant


Labradorite and polymer clay necklace.

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Labradorite is another one of my favorite stones. From one angle it seems totally serene and unassuming. Just a simple slightly translucent gray stone. But then, the light shifts. And as it shifts a brilliant display of colors begins to dance upon the surface. This one’s colors dance in a splendid display of golden yellow, with whispers of green at the very edges.

For this pendant, I set this beautiful stone a setting reminiscent of trees in the wind. Deep coppery bark with branches and little green leaves. I used yellow rhinestones to represent the sun, gray to symbolize the wind, and a single blue crystal at the top to remind anyone who looks at it of a clear blue summer sky.

The pendant hangs from a dark brown leather necklace with a copper clasp.

The pendant has been hand sculpted from polymer clay.

Pendant is approximately 1 3/4″ (44mm) wide and 2 5/8″ (68mm) long (length includes the loop at the top). Necklace is  18.5″ (46.25cm) long.

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